Ethical charter

The aim of the Kifubon association is the development of the « Kifubon project » in France and in Belgium
It undertakes to respect the original ethos and the form created by Kifubon (translation: « to share books ») in Japan.

With the authorisation of Bunya, Japanese publisher and creator of the project, the name Kifubon is used by the association for all its process of book donations, supporting workshops facilitations and to participate in projects, selected by the association, to provoke reflection and the furthering of humanity.

In conformity with Kifubon in Japan, this charter describes the spirit in which the Kifubon association directs its actions according to values such as dignity, peace, benevolence, empathy and appreciation.

Any voluntary involvement or partenership implies adherence to and commitment to the principles and values presented here.

– To give books and support worshops facilitations that provoke reflection and further humanity.
– The Kifubon association collects funds needed to carry out book donation projects in France and in Belgium
– Members of the Kifubon association participate in the choice of publications proposed, as well as in the selection of projects to be supported, and if necessary, participate in and ensure the distribution of books to associations, institutions and groups.

The approach is one of solidarity, supporting associations, institutions and groups in charge of activities, education, support and integration of people of all generations.

The action of the Kifubon association is completely free of charge and the volunteer or the partner refrains from deriving any direct or indirect financial benefit from it, for himself or for any association or company in which he is involved.

The volunteer or the partner is neither a member nor a representative of the Kifubon association. No legal act or commitment made by a volunteer or a partner can commit the Kifubon association.
The volunteer or the partner acts under their own authority, and in so much as their acts and words will not in any way commit the association Kifubon.

– The volunteer or the partner will conduct themselves with the greatest respect for the Kifubon association and its members, and commit themselves to the realization of the project that they have initiated or that they are joining in. He will keep the association informed of his actions or impediments as soon as possible, by all media (e-mail, sms…).
– The Kifubon association is committed to supporting and informing volunteers ad partners by all means possible.
– The donation projects carried out will be the subject of a testimonial on the website.

The Kifubon association reserves the right to refuse a project that does not correspond to its ethos.

The Kifubon association undertakes to act discretely privacy of volunteer, donors and recipients of book donations.

The volunteer may be required to respect confidential information concerning the Kifubon project, donors and beneficiaries.

The volunteer is bound by an obligation of discretion concerning all information brought to his knowledge in the exercise of his support to the Kifubon project, and undertakes not to divulge it outside the framework of his support to the Kifubon project.

Association KIFUBON governed by the law of 1901
Siret : 878 772 342 00019
22 rue Raymond Grimaud – 31700 Blagnac